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We offer lessons for ALL and any level, beginner to advanced. Priorities are always keeping it a fun and positive environment with safety in mind.

For the last few years, Gwen and Damo taught thousands of riders how to kiteboard, kite foil, wing foil, surf foil and e-foil. They have accumulated over 15 millions views over the last 2 years with their instructional YouTube videos covering anything from basic skills to advanced techniques, especially on wing foiling.

They are now taking this experience to offer an in person, one on one lesson so you can live your best life! Rooted in positivity, love and happiness, their teaching technique is making students thrive in the challenge of learning a new skill like wing foiling, e-foiling, surf foiling and anything foiling.

Instructors teach one on one, with full focus on each student for optimum progression. From the beach to the water, the instructor is right alongside the student through each step of the process.

Going above and beyond so you have the best day ever is our goal.



Individual lesson $350 / 2 hours

2 riders lesson $500 / 2 hours

Lesson with boat / jetski assistance (towing): $400 / 2 hours



Stuart, Florida from November to May.

Sanibel Island, Florida.



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Gwen Le Tutour | Instructor

Gwen Le Tutour | Instructor

Kellen Hall | Instructor

Kellen Hall | Instructor